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Grafobal - Investment in a state-of-the-art line

Investment in a state-of-the-art line

GRAFOBAL a.s. Skalica put into operation New CTP device with exposure unit KODAK MAGNUS VLF Q2400 Platesetter F speed. The device allowsto prepare 20 printing plates per hour of the maximum forma tup to 1422 x 1804 mm, while producing automatically without human intervention.

The new CTP device consists of several parts. The most important is the exsposure unit with trays for four different sizes of printing plates. From the exposure unit the plates proceed to punching, developing or even firing in the furnace. All parts of the device are connected in one line, connected and controlled by software, which ensures that ater programming and filling the tanks, the libe produces plates automatically without human intervention for several hours.
This is the biggest advantage of the new CTP device, compared to the original one, which required the constatnt presence of staff. With the new CTP, the operator can fully focused on electronic assembly.
Other advantages are higher accuracy, higher work productivity and reduction of packaging material by up to 70 %.