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Grafobal - Grafobal ocenili v Brazílii

Grafobal awarded in Brazil

The highest award for packaging worldwide, the WorldStar, has been won in the latest global competition by GRAFOBAL, joint stock company, Skalica for the product: LYRA gift packaging - Chocolate bookcase. The prestigious product developed and produced by GRAFOBAL has been ranked as one of the world's best by an independent international jury at the 99th World Packaging Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After more than 110 years of continuous production Grafobal was not only nominated in the WorldStarAwards 2018 competition under the increasingly demanding conditions, but also received this stellar designation for packaging - again as the only supplier from Slovakia. The higher level of difficulty of the WorldStarAwards 2018 competition has also been confirmed by the growth of its participants, with 318 (in the previous year 193) nominated packaging projects from 38 (formerly 23) countries participating in this latest edition.