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Grafobal - New technology for the most demanding customers

New technology for the most demanding customers

In 2014 GRAFOBAL, joint stock company, Skalica achieved sales of own goods and services of over 53.5 million Euros with an average of 716 employees. At the same time, it supplied nearly 26 thousand tons of paper and cardboard products, which is about 2,360 trucks worth.

Most of last year's production, 88.23 percent overall of this Skalica company, was formed from packaging from folding and corrugated cardboard printed with offset technology.

During 2014, Grafobal’s share of export revenues increased to a total of nearly 70 percent compared to the level of 65 percent in 2013. The largest portion of this, up to 21.48 percent, already traditionally consisted of products for the Czech market. At the same time, it also showed that the strategy of building up foreign production capacities and opening new subsidiary factories in the places of Grafobal largest market outlets to be a prudent one. All four foreign Grafobal subsidiaries achieved growth in sales last year. The highest among them, 23 percent, was recorded by Grafobal DON in Russia at a historically high sales volume of over 1.5 billion rubles.