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Grafobal - Effective Assistance of GRAFOBAL continues

Effective Assistance of GRAFOBAL continues

Employees with disabilities from the Skalica sheltered workshop and day hospital of the civic association MIKÁDO received a financial gift of 15.000 euros. Richard Kohút and Ivan Kmotrík Jr. presented them with a symbolic check as a joint gift from GrAFOBAL Skalica and ŠK SLOVAN Bratislava during the last weekend of July.

GRAFOBAL thus continues to provide effective assistance where it is particularly needed. For example, already after the beggining of the spread of coronavirus, GRAFOBAL began to provide quality medical supplies, protective and disinfectant products to its employees. Among other things, even at the time of their shortage, for example, exclusively cotton bacteriostatic three-layer, reusable hygienic drape with silver ions.
GRAFOBAL´s help in protecting against Covi-19 was able to be used not only by the Hospital in Skalica, Social services home but also social workers and seniors in neighboring towns of villages.